"...Janet has deep knowledge of the muscular anatomy..."

"There is no one more sensitive to your comfort and stress relief than Janet Hamilton!

"For nearly 20 Years Janet has taken care of my massage therapy needs. As a result, my flexibility, muscular tone and overall daily stress has been reduced dramatically. Unlike the typical "push and pound" Janet has deep knowledge of the muscular anatomy resulting in getting to the real root of your muscular pain and problems.

"I cannot go more than every few weeks without a visit! She's the best!"

- Carmine Minardi
Design Director Minardi Salon NYC

"...after Janet has worked her miracles..."

"Janet Hamilton has been my massage and Bowen therapist for 5 years. I have had serious spinal stenosis and spondololythesis and she has miracle hands. She is gentle but can also work out very tense, tight muscle areas and I feel so very refreshed after a session with her.

"When we do Bowen, we do three consecutive sessions so the body can work its way to a healthier state. She is excellent at explaining the procedure and helpful in giving me exercises for specific problems I encounter. If I want to rest and totally relax, she respects this as well and all is calm and quiet. I have recommended her to my grown daughters and to friends as well. Everyone comments that they are amazingly lighter and more comfortable after Janet has worked her miracles."

- Paula K.

"...the best therapist I have ever known."

"Janet Hamilton has been my massage therapist for 15 years. When she begins my massage, I feel as though I have transcended into another world. I'm able to put aside the problems of the day and of my life and merely enjoy a relaxation therapy that no other can exceed.

"I have had so many massages and all fall short. Janet is familiar with the structure and function of every part of the body. In many cases, she has helped me with sore or aching muscles much more that my doctors. I recommend her above all and without reservation. She is truly the best massage therapist I have ever known."

- Pat C.

"...meticulous, talented, and empathetic..."

"Janet Hamilton has worked with me for five years on a regular basis. She is meticulous, talented, and empathetic. Her professional training is impressive and enables her to find solutions to many different physical problems.

"I recommend Janet highly."

- Lisa S.

"...reflexology treatments are transporting."

"Janet's reflexology treatments are transporting.  I have been a client for many years and always feel terrific afterwards!"

- Anita W.