'menu' of therapies


because janet is schooled and practiced in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, your pre-session discussion will determine which modality is indicated.   Among your choices:


therapeutic massage

With today's deskbound lifestyle and daily urban pressures, repairing the physical body becomes vitally important.  The benefits of massage are quite extensive. Massage beneficially affects the skin, muscle tissue, joints, circulatory and nervous systems.  The application of skillful massage will bring relief from pain, relaxation of muscle tension, improvement in mobility of muscles and joints, and aid in the repair of injured and damaged tissues.  Massage also acts as a mechanical cleanser, pushing along the lymph fluids and hastening the elimination of waste and toxic debris in the body.  There are few things in life more relaxing and restorative than treating yourself to a therapeutic massage that revitalizes the body-mind connection.


bowenwork therapy

Bowenwork therapy enables the whole body to heal itself with a non-invasive approach.  The treatment is built on the principle that the body has a capacity for self-adjustment.  This therapy stimulates the nervous system to enable the body to detect dysfunctional muscle tension and other imbalances in the body.  It then gradually reactivates and restores normal function and optimal balance.  The hands-on treatment involves a series of precise, gentle moves over muscles, tendons and nerves.  They can be performed through loose clothing (although bare skin works best.)  The therapy includes frequent and important pauses (at least 2 min.) which give the body time to respond.  Bowenwork is safe for everyone from babies to the elderly and has significantly helped people with problems such as asthma, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, TMJ syndrome, menopause, pregnancy-related discomfort  and lower back pain.


This holistic healing method is based on professional knowledge of reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to the organs, glands and all parts of the body.   During a treatment, the practitioner applies appropriate pressure with thumbs and fingers to the reflex areas of the feet, hands and occasionally the ears. Reflexology assists the body to achieve natural balance and is one of the most relaxing therapies available. Many clients actually fall asleep during a session.
Note: reflexology is an excellent choice for those who prefer therapy limited to the feet, hands and head.